Who are we

FLAH.TIK is an engineering study office specializing in technical assistance, study, design and monitoring of your work. FLAH.TIK is positioned as a main player in the field of natural resource management and land use planning in Tunisia. The strength and wealth of our team is reflected in engineers bringing together technical and functional skills and above all an innovative spirit. Our teams will be available to support you in your end-to-end projects. Our added value is reflected in in-depth expertise in various fields: Geology, hydraulics, VRD, energy, agricultural studies, environmental management and risk management. Transparency and a sense of human values constitute our values and our commitment to guarantee the well-being of our teams as well as the respect and satisfaction of customers. Our defended goals and values are our corporate DNA.

Our approach and our principles

FLAH.TIK is always concerned with the relevant satisfaction of its customers and all parties concerned by using a method of continuous improvement and performance. Our goal is mainly sustainable development which is based on economic growth, environmental protection, social equity, preservation of the health and safety of our employees taking into account the opportunities, risks and the context of the company.

Our missions

In all of these activities FLAH.TIK offers solutions adapted to the sustainable management of natural resources while preserving the environment. We will offer technological tools in the service of territorial development and decent work for all stakeholders.

Our visions

Our vision is to ensure sustainable natural resources for tomorrow and human satisfaction while improving their quality of life using innovative technologies.