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FLAH.TIK is a study office made up of a set of multidisciplinary and complementary professionals in order to support you in the study, development, design and monitoring of your projects.

Our expertise covers several areas/domains including agriculture, geophysics, geomatics, hydraulics, hydrogeology and rural development.

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Our vision is to ensure sustainable natural resources for tomorrow and human satisfaction while improving their quality of life using innovative technologies.

In all of these activities FLAH.TIK offers solutions adapted to the sustainable management of natural resources while preserving the environment.

FLAH.TIK is always concerned with the relevant satisfaction of its customers and all parties concerned by using a method of continuous improvement .

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To meet the needs of the market, we created FLAH.TIK: the engineering and project management company. Our study office provides services in the field of hydraulics, geology, geophysics and hydraulic planning, and helps you solve your technical and organizational problems


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FLAH.TIK supports its clients in the reflection

Study and implementation of projects in different fields while putting an aspect of preservation of natural resources and protection of the environment.

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FLAH.TIK is an engineering study study office

FLAH.TIK is positioned as a main player in the field of natural resource management and land use planning in Tunisia.

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